The producer of, Practice Baseball to Win, is Phil Swimley. Phil is retired after 37 years as Head Baseball Coach at the University of California, Davis and is a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. During his tenure at UCD, Phil organized and conducted summer camps for younger players and classes for high school coaches. After retiring from UCD, he coached summer collegiate wood bat teams.

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The ibook version of, Practice Baseball to Win, enables the coach to show skilled players doing the suggested drills on an iPad at practice. It outlines a practice format and provides plans designed to prepare your team for the season. It is available to down load from the Apple bookstore.

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The DVD like the ibook, suggests a practice format that includes drills to teach running and throwing in the warm up session. The Individual skills, 20-30 minute session contains drills that concentrate on single player skills for all positions. GROUP WORK, The third 20-30 minute phase of the practice includes drills involving more than one player that can be done simultaneously to save time. The fourth phase and longest is team coordination which covers all phases of the game.

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ORDER DVD TODAY $29.95 Plus $5.00 Shipping and handling. The Ibook, Practice Baseball to Win, is available in the Apple book store.