About the DVD

The DVD version contains over 90 videos outlining checkpoints for teaching basic fundamentals.  The drills include lead-up sequences for all of the 5 tools needed to become an accomplished player.

The  WARM-UP section has a series of drills that can be rotated to provide variety as they promote strength and technique for running.  As players warm up their arms, the DVD, contains a series of drills that start with the grip and proceed from the fingers to the toes showing technique and checkpoints as to how the fingers, arm, shoulders, trunk, and legs work together in sequence to utilize all body parts to throw the ball.  The warm-up, 15-20 minute part of the practice, should be a concentrated opportunity to improve technique.  Precision and accuracy should be emphasized.

GROUP WORK is a 20-30 minute session consisting of 2 or 3, 10 minute drills involving small groups.  The emphasis in the video is to show how to save time by practicing several plays at once.  For instance, the pitcher, catcher, and first baseman can work on the 1-2-3 double play at the same time the shortstop second baseman and third baseman work on the 6-4-5 force at second and backdoor play at third.  There are combinations that cover almost every possible play.

TEAM WORK includes diagrams of the cutoff and relay combinations and drills to put them into practice.  In this session of the practice, we highly recommend that situation scrimmage play a major role.  You can do drills, throw pitches in the bull-pen, and swing the bat in the  cage until you are blue in the face, but you learn to pitch, hit, and play the game by playing the game.  Scrimmage is also competitive and fun.  Practice rarely drags when you're playing the game. The most fun is the last inning game with one team ahead or tied.  Players get fired up and the learn to finish the game.

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