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Coaching Baseball Outfielders – Avoiding mistakes

When coaching baseball outfielders, it is important that they practice communicating who will make the play.  This drill from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, is one of several we use to practice who takes it.

Coaching Baseball throwing

When coaching baseball throwing, teaching the players to use more than their arm when throwing is most important. This is one of the drills from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, that has proven to be effective. 

Coaching Baseball Catchers

When coaching baseball catchers it is important that you review the basic fundamentals on a regular basis. This blocking drill for baseball catchers from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, is an example.

Digital Guide for Baseball Coaches

 Practice Baseball to Win is a digital book for coaching baseball with practice plans and videos outlining individual, group, and team fundamental drills to facilitate a progression from day one to game time. This is one example of many that can be shown at practice on an iPad.

Digital Baseball Coaches Guide

The digital iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, features practice plans, video lessons,  and drills that show skilled players demonstrating the fundamentals. This hitting drill is an example.