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Coaching Baseball Catchers

When Coaching baseball catchers, just like the other positions, it is best to start slowly and make sure they know not only what you want them to, but why. The video linked here, from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, is one of several we use periodically as a review of the basics. 

Coaching Baseball iBook

When coaching baseball, if you have the ibook, Practice Baseball to win, on your tablet, you can show skilled players doing drills like this one for catchers, at practice. 

Coaching Baseball Book

The idea behind the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, is that a baseball coach can show skilled players demonstrating drills like this one for catchers at practice on an iPad.

Coaching Baseball Infielders

 When coaching baseball, protect your credibility.  For example, when doing ground ball drills like this one from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, never ever say, “it doesn’t hurt,” or “don’t be afraid”.  Number one, it does hurt, and they will know you are either a liar, or naïve.  And number two, you have to be brain dead […]

Coaching Baseball Situations

 When coaching baseball, keep in mind that there are 5 distinct defensive situations, get the high percentage out, bunt-double play, prevent the double, do or die, and make sure of one. The more experience players have in each situation the more likely they will react appropriately.  In this regard, situation scrimmages, as shown in the iBook, […]

Coaching Baseball Pop Up Priority

 When coaching baseball, pop up priority is important not only to make plays, but for he safety of your players.  The basic rule is that the position lining up the deepest has priority. Periodic practice with a drill like this from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, is a must.

Coaching Baseball Practice

When coaching baseball, to keep players interested at baseball practice, it is important that they be kept busy. Waiting around or standing in line is a killer.  They are not only bored, but they aren’t learning anything.  Practice needs to be fast moving and interesting.  We’ve found that 10 minutes for any single fundamental drill is a long […]

Coaching Baseball

 When coaching baseball, it is suggested that the section of practice we call, Individual, last about 20 minutes and include at least 2 different drills.  We’ve found with college players that concentration diminishes after 6-8 minutes.  With younger players you might want to do three different drills.  A little competition with this one from the iBook, Practice Baseball […]

Coaching Baseball Infielders

 When coaching baseball, covering specific plays in the infield, you can keep more people involved if you work on different plays at the same time. Here is an example from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, that will help get more done in less time.