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Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball, keep in mind that, to throw a baseball with power and accuracy, the grip is first and most important.  Therefore it behooves a dedicated fundamentally oriented baseball coach to do periodic grip checks as described in the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win. Video Grip Check

Coaching Baseball Pop Up Priority

When coaching baseball it is important to establish who takes a pop up? This play can lead to embarrassment or worse, serious injury.  The basic key is that the player who lines up the greatest distance from the plate takes charge and handles the play.  For example the 3rd baseman lines up farther from the plate than the […]

Coaching Baseball

When coaching baseball, as you prepare and conduct practice, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your players self image, confidence, and trust in himself is tremendously more important than the exact technique he uses to get the job done. So when doing drills like this from the iBook, Practice […]

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball throwing,the point in my previous post was that addressing grip and stance should be the starting point in developing hitters, here too the grip is key to developing throwing skills.  The video linked here, from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, gives you the checkpoints that should be reviewed on a regular basis.  […]

Coaching Baseball Situations

When coaching baseball, a good, and fun, situation scrimmage is to play the last inning with different score situations, tied, one ahead, etc.  For example, with a two run lead and a runner on second base the defense is playing prevent the double.  Outfielders have to be aware that they don’t try to throw the runner out […]

Coaching Baseball Infielders

When coaching baseball, to keep players interested in practice, it is important that they be kept busy. Waiting around or standing in line is a killer.  They are not only bored, but they aren’t learning anything.  Practice needs to be fast moving and interesting.  We’ve found that 10 minutes for any single fundamental drill is a long time […]

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball, ball exchange, especially with younger players, sounds simple but is a difficult combination of moves to coordinate.  You can save a lot of time by getting the feel of the hands and feet working together by starting without the ball.  This, “Clap Drill,” from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, is a good start. Clap […]

Tanaka Pitching Arm Stresses

In a continuing effort to identify and measure the differences between stresses produced by pitchers who have had arm surgery and those who exhibit less, a look at the Yankee’s Tanaka, who has had two operations, is a good example. Tanaka video

Coaching Baseball Infielders

When coaching baseball it is important to create a tension free learning atmosphere.  For example, as expressed in the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, when hitting fungo’s, especially with younger players, the speed of the ball should be such that the player is comfortable enough to concentrate on the fundamentals. This is not a time to […]