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Coaching Baseball Pop ups

When coaching baseball it is important to establish who takes a pop up? This play can lead to embarrassment or worse, serious injury.  The basic key is that the player who lines up the greatest distance from the plate takes charge and handles the play.  For example the 3rd baseman lines up farther from the plate than the […]

Coaching Baseball Running

. Since running speed is so important for a baseball teams overall performance, it behooves the coach to incorporate skill producing drills into the warm up period.  This high knees drill, from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win,  is a good example.  

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball throwing, this drill from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, helps the player get the feel of getting the hips and trunk into the process is the one we call, knee to ground.

Coaching Baseball Hitting

When coaching baseball we most always, when using a tee to teach swinging the bat, have them hit the ball into a net or in a cage.  Players can learn mechanics and where the ball needs to be to hit it hard, but they have little feel for where it’s going.  To follow Wee Willie Keeler’s advice […]

Coaching Baseball Catchers

When coaching baseball, when working with younger, or converting a player to be a catcher, it is super important to start slowly and make sure they understand the fundamentals, this exercise from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, is a good place to start.

Coaching Baseball Hitting

When coaching baseball, the first thing a hitting coach needs to check and review is a players grip and stance.  This excerpt from the iBook, “Practice Baseball to Win”, gives the coach and player a quick overview that can be shown at practice on an iPad. 

Coaching Baseball iBook

. The idea behind the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win is that a coach can take video of the drills like, batting tee-one hand planned for practice and show skilled players demonstrating the skill.

Coaching Baseball Infield

When coaching baseball, to save time and get more done, combine infield drills that don’t overlap field space.  Here is an example here is an example from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win.

Coaching Baseball Infielders

When coaching baseball infielders,  it is suggested that the section of practice outlined in the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, called, Individual, last about 20 minutes and include at least 2 different drills.  We’ve found with college players that concentration diminishes after 6-8 minutes.  With younger players you might want to do three different drills.  A little competition […]