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Coaching Baseball Throwing

In a T.V. movie last night a guy told a kid he needed a proper grip to throw the ball well. That’s true, but the grip he demonstrated was marginal. So when coaching baseball, I would begin practice fairly often with a grip check.

Coaching Baseball-Tag up

When coaching baseball base running it is important to cover and practice when to tag up. Our rule is that you only tag up if you intend to advance after the catch. If you can’t advance, you should extend your lead so you have a chance to beat the throw to the next base if […]

Coaching Baseball Bunting

When coaching baseball keep in mind that scientists say that learning is specific to the task. That means, for example, THE WAY TO LEARN TO BUNT LIVE PITCHING IS TO BUNT LIVE PITCHING. Therefore, when you practice bunting in a live scrimmage, you are not only teaching hitters to bunt live pitching, you are also […]

Coaching Baseball Catchers

When coaching baseball catchers it is super important that you start slowly and make sure they understand, review and practice the basic fundamentals. The linked video is one we use for review.

Coaching Baseball Catch & Throw

When coaching baseball, having players play catch to warm up the arm is routine, but is often overlooked as an opportunity to practice handling and throwing the ball with a purpose. Doing things repetitively forms habits, and unless movement repeated correctly, you get what you practice. So, when coaching baseball, insist on good technique when […]

Coaching Baseball Hitting

When coaching baseball hitting, batting tees are a useful tool to teach players mechanics and where the ball needs to be to hit it hard. Last spring in Arizona, I watched a player, in the cage, hitting the ball hard, but every ball he hit was a ground ball to the shortstop. Hitting it hard […]

Coaching Baseball Practice

When coaching baseball, as you prepare and conduct practice and do drills like, hitting mechanics or group work, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your players self image, confidence, and trust in himself is tremendously more important than the exact technique he uses to get the job done. Please […]

Coaching Baseball Ibook

When coaching baseball, if you have the ibook, Practice Baseball to win,you can, with your tablet, show skilled players doing the drills you want to practice.

Coaching Baseball Pop up Priority

When coaching baseball, it’s not enough to talk about pop up priority, it’s important that it is practiced regularly. It’s not only important from a competitive point of view; it’s a safety issue.