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Coaching Baseball Base running

In a AAA game yesterday, during a hit and run, along fly ball was caught in the right field corner. The runner was doubled off after he rounded the bag at second. When coaching baseball, this is a situation that should prompt a next day situation scrimmage where you practice having runners turn their head […]

Coaching Baseball Hitters

When coaching baseball hitters it is important that your players understand why the mechanics you’re trying to develop are important. This video is, part 1 of two, of a talk to a high school team pointing out some of the advantages of what a good baseball hitter does.

Coaching Baseball Practice

When coaching baseball, a good, and fun, situation scrimmage is to play the last inning with different score situations, tied, one ahead, etc. For example, with a two run lead and a runner on second base the defense is playing prevent the double. Outfielders have to be aware that they don’t try to throw the […]

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball, after introducing the grip to players learning to throw the baseball, it is important that they begin to see how the whole body is involved in making a strong throw. The fingers and wrists play an important role. To get the feel of how they work, isolate the wrist and apply the […]

Baseball Pitchers Injuries

Baseball pitchers injuries are a major problem. Because of my concern, I have been measuring the stresses on baseball pitchers arms for a long time. What I’m seeing is that a pitchers mechanics can have a significant impact on the amount of stress exerted on the parts of the arm and shoulder that are breaking […]

Coaching Baseball Pop ups

When coaching baseball, it’s not enough to talk about pop up priority, it’s important that it is practiced regularly. It’s not only important from a competitive point of view; it’s a safety issue.

Coaching Baseball Catch & Throw

When coaching baseball, to win games, keep in mind that, a player using good fundamentals to execute routine plays is the key. Playing fundamentally sound catch during warm up is a good place to start.

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball players to throw, after introducing the grip it is important that they begin to see how the whole body is involved in making a strong throw. I’ve found that if you start with the fingers and wrists and work back, elbow, shoulder trunk etc., to the feet, most learn faster. To get […]

Coaching Baseball Fundamentals

When coaching baseball fundamentals, running technique should not be overlooked. According to the track coaches I have consulted, one of the biggest flaws they see in baseball players running mechanics is their arm swing. So when coaching baseball, it is important that these drills be included in the warm up section of practice.