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Coaching Baseball Catchers

When coaching baseball, teaching catchers to block balls in the dirt can be difficult. It defies logic, or commonsense, that one would throw himself in front of a fastball to block it with his body. So, like with fielding ground balls, start slowly with an explanation of the fundamentals and then proceed at a very […]

Coaching Baseball Pop ups

While watching a AAA baseball game a while back, I observed two players run together trying to field a fly ball. To avoid this when coaching Baseball, to practice making the play and avoiding injuries, pop up priority should be practiced fairly often.

Coaching Baseball-Throwing

When coaching baseball, it is a good idea to make sure you players arms are ready to compete by completing the warm up stage with four or five maximum throws. To make this also a learning situation for teaching the legs and trunk to get involved, keep the feet in place and do the power […]

Coaching Baseball Hitting

When coaching baseball, instruction like, those in the linked video are for practice. During games instruction relating to how to fundamentals are more distraction than help. For example, shouting at a hitter to keep your head down, elbow up or down, swing level (probably the dumbest) etc. will keep the hitter from the task at […]

Coaching Baseball Organization

When coaching baseball, I have a real problem with players standing in line during baseball practice. Not long ago, I went by a little league practice and observed two of the coaches conducting the softly rolled ground ball drill and having the players throw the ball, one group to first and the other to second. […]

Coaching Baseball Hitting

When coaching baseball, keep in mind that when practicing a precision skill like hitting, fatigue is a killer. For example, when taking batting practice, after 8 or maybe 10 swings by an in shape player, fatigue will change the mechanics and timing. It is best to rotate 2, or even 3, to provide some rest […]

Coaching Baseball Hitting

When coaching baseball hitting it is important that the player not only understand what he is trying to do, but also why. In this video, I try to explain to a high school team a few of the reasons why things like getting on plane early and staying on the plane of the pitch gives […]

Coaching Baseball-Pitchers

When measuring forces developed in pitching a baseball, it becomes evident that the way one uses the legs, trunk, and glove side arm plays a significant role in taking pressure off of the arm. This is part 1 of a series of videos addressing the measurement of pressures on the arm that can be used […]

Coaching Baseball-Throwing

In a T.V. movie last night a guy told a kid he needed a proper grip to throw the ball well. That’s true, but the grip he demonstrated was marginal. So when coaching baseball, I would begin practice fairly often with a grip check.