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Coaching Baseball-Pop ups

Who takes a pop up? When coaching baseball, this play can lead to embarrassment or worse, serious injury. The basic key is that the player who lines up the greatest distance from the plate takes charge and handles the play. For example the 3rd baseman lines up farther from the plate than the catcher, so […]

Coaching Baseball-Hitting

When coaching baseball hitters, the first place to start, and review often, is with the grip and stance.

Coaching Baseball-Infielders

When coaching baseball it is important to create a tension free learning atmosphere. For example, when hitting fungo’s, especially with younger players, the speed of the ball should be such that the player is comfortable enough to concentrate on the fundamentals. This is not a time to challenge their courage.

Coaching Baseball-Infielders

When coaching baseball, especially with younger players, it is essential that the fundamentals of fielding ground balls be established before they are exposed to even medium speed fungos. Time spent to let them gain confidence by using a comfortable pace will be rewarded. Failure and fear can destroy a young player, so please keep the […]

Coaching Baseball-Throwing

When coaching baseball players to throw, after introducing the grip it is important that they begin to see how the whole body is involved in making a strong throw. I’ve found that if you start with the fingers and wrists and work back, elbow, shoulder trunk etc., to the feet, most learn faster. To get […]

Coaching Baseball-Pitchers Health

When coaching baseball, please keep in mind that injury to baseball pitchers has become epidemic. In an effort to explore the role of different mechanics being taught, I have consulted a Mechanical engineering prof at U.C. Davis to help measure and compare the forces produced by selected injured needing T.J. surgery, and compared them to […]

Coaching Baseball-Drills

The idea behind the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, available in the Apple book store, is that when coaching baseball,a coach can take video of an exercise, like hitting off of a tee one handed, planned for practice, and show skilled players demonstrating the drill.

Coaching Baseball-Practice

Saw stats recently that over 70% of kids playing baseball quit by the age of 13, and the main reason was that it wasn’t fun. So when coaching baseball you need to avoid what I saw recently when I went by a youth league baseball practice and saw 3 guys participating in a drill and […]

Coaching Baseball-Hitting

When coaching baseball, batting tee’s are useful not only for teaching mechanics, but also for the player to learn where the ball has to be for him to hit it hard. So, to make the tee more useful, move the ball around in the strike zone and even a bit out of it to practice […]