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Coaching Baseball-Hitting

When Coaching Baseball hitters mechanics, a good place to start is to give them an idea not only about what they are trying to do, but why. The video linked here is part 1 of a review I gave to a high school team a couple of springs ago.

Coaching Baseball-Practice drills

When coaching baseball, we’ve found that the section of practice we call, Individual, should last about 20 minutes and include at least 2 different drills. We’ve found with college players that concentration diminishes after 6-8 minutes. With younger players you might want to do three different drills. A little competition with this one will add […]

Coaching Baseball-Pitchers Health

When coaching baseball, pitchers arms should always be a concern, so after a great deal of time using film and video to measure movement rates and direction change in pitchers mechanics, I have found that injured pitchers often produce more stress on the injured parts than the guys I’ve measured that survived long careers. If […]

Coaching Baseball-Baserunning

When coaching baseball, creating experience in each situation is key. Explaining what to do is a necessary first, but actually experience is the only way to really learn. For example one of the rules for tagging up is to tag only if you are intending to advance. When you tag, and when you take a […]

Coaching Baseball-Running

When coaching baseball, keep in mind that running speed is one thing, and since good runners don’t reach maximum speed until 40 yards, how to start and direction may be more important. The cross over steps demonstrated here are popular, but according to my track friends, the drop step is better. This is one of […]

Coaching Baseball-Cover the bunt

When coaching baseball, a scrimmage gives you live repetitions, review of situations, gets everyone involved, is competitive, and fun. A bunt scrimmage is no exception. Put a runner on base, if the batter gets the runner over, let him come back and drive him in. It’s fun and you become comfortable on both offense and […]

Coaching Baseball-Drills

When coaching baseball, especially with younger players, it is most important that you stay in their comfort zone when introducing fundamentals. It is tough to learn a skill if fear is a factor. For example infielders need to relax when learning to pick up a ground ball, so please, introduce the basics first and at […]

Coaching Baseball-Hitting

The other day I watched a baseball hitting coach working with a player using a tee. The player was being complimented for a good swing, but the problem to me was that all ten of the swings I counted, the ball went to the shortstop for what would, except maybe for an error, be an […]

Coaching Baseball-Running

When coaching baseball it is important to use your time efficiently. Warm up time should be used as a teaching opportunity. At U.C. Davis we incorporated a group of sprint drills provided by our track coach, Jon Vochatzer. This is one of several that Jon suggested.