Monthly Archives: February 2017

Coaching Baseball-Catchers

When coaching baseball catchers, especially the younger ones, it is important to start out slowly and make sure they understand the basic fundamentals of blocking the ball before they are exposed to a game situation.

Coaching baseball-Hitting

When coaching baseball hitting, the first thing a baseball hitting coach needs to check, and then review often, is a players grip and stance. The linked view gives the coach and player a quick overview.

Coaching Baseball-Fundamentals

When coaching baseball, especially with younger players, it is most important that you stay in their comfort zone when introducing fundamentals. It is tough to learn a skill if fear is a factor. For example infielders need to relax when learning to pick up a ground ball, so please, introduce the basics first and at […]

Coaching Baseball-Infielders

When coaching baseball, especially with younger players, it is essential that the fundamentals of fielding ground balls be established before they are exposed to even medium speed fungos. Time spent to let them gain confidence by using a comfortable pace will be rewarded. Failure and fear can destroy a young player, so please keep the […]