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Coaching Baseball-Warm up

When coaching baseball, as using the warm up phase of practice to teach throwing mechanics is important, so it also is with running. Drills like this are used by track coaches to coach sprinters. They will also work well as a part of a good baseball warm up session.

Coaching Baseball-Batting

When coaching baseball hitting it is important that the player not only understand what he is trying to do, but also why. In this video, I try to explain to a high school team a few of the reasons why things like getting on plane early and staying on the plane of the pitch gives […]

Coaching Baseball-Running Drills

When coaching baseball the warm up phase of practice is the most neglected opportunity for teaching. For example the ability to run is one of a players most important tools and one rarely addressed. As a consequence we consulted our track coach and added these sprint drills to our warm up routine.

Coaching Baseball-Throwing

When coaching baseball, one of the most important details that need constant attention is the players grip on the baseball. Younger players need a constant reminder, at least once every practice, but don’t neglect a periodic check for the older ones.

Coaching Baseball-Make it Fun

When coaching baseball, turning drills into contests is a great way to teach performance under pressure and to keep interest high. Relaying the ball down a line of 3or 4 players or playing short hop until one misses 3 to 5 times can create excitement and fun.

Coaching Baseball-Organization

When coaching baseball, to save time and get more done, combine infield drills that don’t overlap field space. Here is an example.

Coaching Baseball-Hitting

Coaching baseball, the first thing a baseball hitting coach needs to check and review is a players grip and stance. The linked video gives the coach and player a quick overview.

Coaching Baseball-Catch and Throw

Playing catch to warm up the arm is routine, but often overlooked as an opportunity to practice handling and throwing the ball with a purpose. Doing things repetitively forms habits, and unless movement repeated correctly, you get what you practice. So, when coaching baseball, insist on good technique when warming up the arm.

Coaching Baseball Pitchers

When coaching baseball pitchers, given the incidence of arm problems being so high, a look at mechanics is in order. We have used video to measure acceleration rates and the stress on joints created by sudden direction change to ascertain that the injured pitchers, of which we have been able to find useable video, all […]