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Coaching baseball throwing

In baseball, throwing errors are 9 times out of ten caused by players rushing the throw and throwing from an unbalanced position. So,when coaching baseball, emphasize and practice getting into the power position before making a throw.  

Coaching baseball pitching

When coaching baseball-pitching mechanics, it’s an advantage to start with the finish position and work back. This videoed Pitching lesson demonstrates this for some 13-year-old budding pitchers.  

Baseball pitching-stress measure

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After using film and video to measure movement rates and direction change in pitchers mechanics, I have found that injured pitchers produce more stress on the injured parts than the guys I’ve measured that survived long careers. If you have a youngster under your care please consider the points made in the linked videos. Pitching […]

Ibook for drills at practice

The idea behind the ibook, Practice Baseball to Win is that a coach can take video of the drills like, Batting tee-one hand planned for practice and show skilled players demonstrating the skill.

Baseball practice organization

For a productive goal seeking baseball practice, start with 3 or 4 running drills like, Long strides, then warm up the arms with 3or 4 throwing drills, Knee to ground, next 2 or 3 individual drills, Backhand, next to 2 or 3 group drills, 2 or 3, Group drill, then finally to a team drill […]

Baseball practice-repetition is key

Coaching Baseball it is important to keep in mind that repetition is the way skills are ingrained and made a habit. When doing fundamental drills like, batting tee, it is important that baseball practice be organized so that everyone is active and standing around is kept to a minimum.  

Coach at Baseball Practice

When coaching baseball, instruction like, hitting lesson and drills are for practice. During games instruction relating to how to do fundamentals are more distraction than help. For example, shouting at a hitter to keep your head down, elbow up or down, swing level (probably the dumbest) etc. will keep the hitter from the task at […]

Baseball coaches credibility

Baseball Coaches, protect your credibility. When doing drills like this, Ground balls, never ever say, “it doesn’t hurt,” or “don’t be afraid”. Number one, it does hurt and they will know you are either a liar, or naïve. And number two, you have to be brain dead not to have some fear. Fear of pain, […]

Contests enhance baseball drills

For more interesting baseball practices,contests are a great way to teach performance under pressure and to keep interest in practice drills. Relaying the ball down a line of 3or 4 players or playing short hop until one misses 3 to 5 times can create excitement and fun. Short hops.