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Coaching baseball throwing

When coaching baseball, getting players to use their legs and trunk to throw is a challenge. This drill will help players get the feel of getting their hips turned. Knee to ground drill, more drills at,

Coaching baseball-running starts

In coaching baseball, running speed is one thing, and since good runners don’t reach maximum speed until 40 yards, how to start and direction may be more important. The cross over steps demonstrated here are popular, but according to my track friends, the drop step is better. Starts, More at com

In Baseball practice-Multitask

When coaching baseball, to avoid players standing around and being bored during practice, it is important to incorporate as many drills as possible in the space available. This is one of 16 drills we used to both save time and keep players interested. Group drill 2. More are available at, Practice Baseball to Win  

Baseball warm up running drill

Since running speed is so important for a baseball teams overall performance, it behooves the coach to incorporate skill producing drills into the warm up period. This high knees drill is a good example. High Knees. More drills are at com.

Check baseball grips often

To throw a baseball with power and accuracy, the grip is first and most important. Therefore it behooves a dedicated fundamentally oriented baseball coach to do periodic grip checks. Grip check. See more at, Practice Baseball to Win.

Coaching baseball ball exchange

When coaching baseball, ball exchange, especially with younger players, sounds simple but is a difficult combination of moves to coordinate. You can save a lot of time by getting the feel of the hands and feet working together by starting without the ball. We call it the, “clap drill.” Clap Drill. More drills at, Practice […]

Baseball warm up drill

Practice baseball to win. When putting the warm up phase of the practice together, it’s important that the time is spent not only to warm up the body, but to also learn something. While at U.C. Davis, I asked the track coach, Jon Vochatzer, who was, at the time, the USA World games head coach, […]

Baseball coaching-communication

In coaching baseball, pop-up priority is important not only to make plays, but for he safety of your players. The basic rule is that the position lining up the deepest has priority. Periodic practice here is a must. Pop up priority. More at

Baseball pitching-stress analysis

When measuring forces developed in pitching a baseball, it becomes evident that the way one uses the legs, trunk, and glove side arm plays a significant role in taking pressure off of the arm. This is part 1 of a series of videos addressing the measurement of pressures on the arm. Pitching mechanics-trunk and legs, […]