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Tommy John Surgery, are mechanics the problem?

This video outlines an attempt to compare the stress incurred by some pitchers who have had Tommy John Surgery with others with long injury free careers. Find the video at, John Surgery, are mechanics the problem?

Teaching players to throw

When teaching kids to throw the grip is the place to start. After the initial introduction is important to review the grip, so do a grip check periodically before the warm up session. This is especially true with younger players where it is prudent to do in before every practice until the message is clear.

Teaching pitching mechanics 1

When teaching pitching mechanics, you will save a lot of time by starting at the finish. Like planning for any trip or goal, you need to know where you are going before you start. Pitching mechanics are no different. Pitchers need to know what their destination feels like. The posted video, Teaching pitching mechanics 1 […]